The importance of having a strong mind in order to complete any task in today's world has never been more important, it is the key to your success.
I truly believe that unfortunately, we are teaching our society into following orders instead of being able to think under pressure and problem solve. Mix in our two million old pre-programmed survival brain and we have a problem when it comes down to having the ability to process what's going on around us when the s**t hits the fan!
So the way you are feeling now, maybe stressed or just can't think clearly and just can't make the right decisions especially if you are starting up a business is not your fault.
You've just been programmed into this way of thinking, this is your model of the world. It just means that you haven't been educated into how your brain works, why it acts as it does in certain situations and how to control your emotional thinking so that you can stay cool in stressful and high pressured environments.
The good news is unlike your IQ which you can't really do anything about, your EQ (emotional quotient) we can change. You can learn the skills and create a mindset that will enable you to crush it daily no matter what life throws at you. You don't need to find the 'hot sauce' or the secret to success, you just need to have your mind re-programmed. 
  • I have over twenty years of business experience

  • I have over five years of coaching others to six figure plus incomes

  • Best selling author

  • Global speaker, speaking in front of audiences of 6,000+ in the Excel Arena in London, The SECC in Glasgow, The Gentings Arena in Birmingham, Mexico, and Uganda to name a few

  • An understanding of helping you to unlock your emotional thinking

  • Mindset Coach to over 50 entrepreneurs 

  • Qualified in NLP, timeline therapy and hypnosis

  • I truly care about your success, it's my passion to help you succeed 

I know how to help you clear the brain fog and eliminate those negative emotions so you can focus on achieving greatness.
You don't need to struggle anymore, it's time to unleash your beast mode and create the life that you want!

1-2-1 Mindset Coaching

Nothing can beat that 1-2-1 coaching time, sometimes the only way to see clearly is for someone to demystify your way of thinking. Look at it this way, you can't fix what you don't understand so trying to sort out your negative emotions just seems out of reach. You see, it's so easy to get bogged down with the pressures of today's society. Family life, running a business, social media showing how everyone else is so successful but you aren't there yet, your current model of the world clouding every decision and judgment you make, time is ticking but you are just about treading water and about to go under.


Does this sound familiar?


Life is hard there's no denying that, having that someone whom you can trust and offload your problems is a must, that mentor who will call you out when you are just feeling sorry for yourself or ask the right questions so that you can see clearly so you can make the right decisions.


Maybe we just need to talk, I may be the missing link that takes you from struggling along to unlocking the door to your success. Something has to change if you want different results so click below and let's have a chat.

What Working With Me Looks Like
  • Free consultation call to make sure I am the right person for you
  • Enrollment into the 3-month 'Mastering Your Mind' coaching program that consists of the below
  • First consultation in-depth call lasting 1-2 hours to really dig deep and get an understanding of you and your past programming, investigating any hidden issues that are unconsciously affecting you helping us to construct a strategy of change. 
  • 6 more one hour 1-2-1 calls spread out over 3 months
  • Ongoing support through voice and text messages, via the messenger app
  • Weekly reviews to track your progress and hold you accountable to action
  • Personalised blueprint meditation to help reinforce your new beliefs
3-month enrolment into the 'Mastering Your Mind/Business' program
3 monthly installments of £697
3-month enrolment into the 'Mastering Your Mind/Business' program
one-off payment £1997
To secure your space a 10% deposit is taken due to limited spaces, unfortunately, I can only help a select few to ensure that I am fully committed to helping you achieve success.
Sometimes just a call will do so I do offer one-off calls and tailored packages specific for individuals who need something different from the above. 
Ok, so right now you are probably wanting to dive in and start working with me immediately, but, that inner voice that's been holding you back for so long has probably popped up again with lots of negative questions about investing money, having the time, that I may judge you, that this may not work" etc. It's ok I don't have secret powers where I am reading your mind! 
What I do have is years of experience in dealing with the inner voice, that monkey chatter that has been stopping you from being the best version of you. I understand how it thinks and what it's trying to do. I know you will probably have questions so the very first thing I would love to do is to invite you for a FREE discovery call, it's really important that before we work together that we make sure that we are a good fit which is key to making this work.
Click on the button below, let's get that call booked in and take it from there.

Mindset Coaching For Your Private Group

Thanks to the rise of social media, there are some incredible groups out there helping others create their own business, whether that's within Network Marketing or as an online entrepreneur. But, the one thing that always pops up which stops most from creating that successful business and the lifestyle that they crave is the mindset.


One of the services that I offer is being your mindset coach for your tribe. I can help relieve the stresses of dealing with mindset issues when you could be concentrating on coaching your strategies or growing your own business.


I can create and conduct mindset training's specifically for your group, I can help individuals on a 1-2-1 basis helping them to eliminate any negative beliefs enabling them to thrive within your group and program giving you a higher rate of success per student. Or increasing the productivity of your team if they are working for you or within a network marketing environment. 


You've probably seen it everywhere online, people traveling the world, driving the nice cars, first-class travel, no matter where they are all they need is a laptop and wifi.
This may be why you've found yourself looking on my website and probably other websites offering coaching and the solution!
There's a lot of amazing free content and hey! I've used these myself but do they really deliver what you need?
You see, the major factor to success is having that person who you can call on for advice, that person who can hold you accountable, that person who has your back no matter what.
So where does that leave you?  Well, you can carry on and you may just crack it and get there yourself but it will be painful and the long way around, or you can invest in yourself and in your business and be guided to success.
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